Our typical RV inspection takes between 5 and 6 hours, but larger motor coaches can take up to 8 hours.

Our clients buy inspections for many reasons. Clients that are looking to purchase an RV from a dealership or an individual want to know if the RV is in good working condition before they buy it. If pre-existing conditions are identified through the inspection the client will have the option to choose not to buy it or they may request that repairs be made before they take delivery of the vehicle. Sometimes a seller will purchase an inspection to have peace of mind they are not misrepresenting the true condition of their RV to the prospective buyer. It gives both parties confidence to proceed with the sale. (Please note the inspection report identifies the condition of the RV on the day the inspection was done. If does not represent what may or may not have happened to that RV after that date.) Lastly, most RV warranty providers will require a vehicle be inspected prior to offering coverage on that vehicle.

Many clients choose to buy an RV inspection in addition to the pre-delivery inspection or walkthrough done by the dealer for several reasons. Most walkthroughs from the dealer are not very thorough which means the buyer will never know about pre-existing conditions until after they purchase it. In addition, an independent 3rd party inspection will give the buyer peace of mind and a better negotiation position on the final sale.

Our clients should feel comfortable to be at the inspection, but keep in mind too many questions and interruptions will extend the length of time to complete the inspection and may prevent the inspector from being as thorough as they need to be. Therefore, being present is not a requirement. Regardless if the buyer is present or not the seller/owner needs to be available to unlock all doors, cargo doors, engine compartments, and if needed to operate components of the RV such as starting the engine, generator, awnings and slideouts. They may also need to move or remove any items necessary to complete the inspection.

Your RV inspection report will be provided to you within 2 business days of the inspection. Fluid analysis reports may take longer since the fluids are mailed to an independent LAB. Typically the fluid analysis reports will be emailed to you 5 to 7 business day after the inspection.

Yes, we help many clients know where to begin. We also provide walk-through services after your purchase based on your needs and wants.

No RV inspection is the same. The cost will vary depending on several factors including the type of RV being inspected, location of the RV, the scope of the inspection and the number of fluid samples being requested if it is a motorized vehicle or has a generator. Please go to Zippy Pricing for more details. The final pricing is confirmed when the inspection agreement is executed.

It depends on what your needs and wants are. Zippy RV Services offers two levels of inspections. We provide a Safety Inspection which examines all the life-safety components of your RV and all the appliances. Our level two inspection is a called a Complete Inspection. This is a full inspection that examines everything on the RV. Our clients are never pushed into an inspection they don’t want.

Testing the lubricants and coolants is a cost-effective way to learn what is going on inside your motorhome engine, transmission, or generator without the costly expense of taking these components apart. It may seem illogical to some buyers that a fluid analysis is needed, but smart buyers want to establish a reference point for all future tests. Third-party laboratories keep a record of all tests run on that vehicle and over time they will be able to give more detailed reports. Since the reports are tied to the vehicle’s VIN number, future owners of the RV can have a reliable history of the vehicles condition. This historical record can add value to your RV’s resale price.

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