NRVIA Code of Ethics

NRVIA’s Code of Ethics promotes the Certified Recreational Vehicle Inspectors responsibility to report the results of the inspection in a fair, professional and impartial manner while avoiding conflicts of interest that would impact the credibility of the inspection and professional standing of the National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association (NRVIA). The following Codes of Ethics shall govern the standards by which each client and RV inspection shall be treated.

RV Inspectors shall be objective in their reporting and not knowingly understate or overstate the details and the impact of the findings of any RV inspection.

RV Inspectors shall perform their inspections and express their opinions (written or verbal) based upon genuine conviction and only within their education, skills, training and experience.

RV Inspectors shall not disclose any inspection findings, test results or client information without the client’s approval. Inspectors may disclose observed hazards that will impact the occupant’s safety and well-being.

RV Inspectors will not inspect for compensation any Recreational Vehicles in which the Inspector has or expects to have a financial interest in the outcome of the inspection.

RV Inspectors will not inspect any Recreational Vehicles under any type of compensation, contingent fee or future referrals that is dependent upon the reported findings or on the sale of the unit.

RV Inspectors will not directly or indirectly compensate any party having a financial interest in the sale, lease or rental of a Recreational Vehicle.

RV Inspectors will not receive compensation for a RV Inspection from more than one party unless all parties agree to such arrangement.

RV Inspectors will not accept any type of direct or indirect compensation for recommending service providers, products or other features to parties having an interest in the RV being inspected.

RV Inspectors shall not repair, service or upgrade for compensation any RV systems or components covered by the NRVIA Standards of Practice for a minimum of 1 year from the RV Inspection date.

RV Inspectors will avoid activities that may harm the public, discredit themselves or reduce public confidence in the RV Inspection profession.

RV Inspectors will not market, advertise or promote their RV Inspection services or qualifications in a deceptive, false and misleading way.

RV Inspectors will make every effort to maintain and improve the professional practice and integrity of the NRVIA membership. Any willful violations of the NRVIA Code of Ethics and Standards of Performance shall be reported to National RV Inspectors Association for review and possible disciplinary actions.