RV Inspections

Zippy RV Services will confirm the VIN# of the RV you provided on the pre-inspection contract before any inspection is started! This will give you peace of mind before the inspection begins.

Types Of Inspections

The pre-purchase/pre-sale inspection is the most common inspection we do. Buyers and sellers want to have peace of mind that the RV transaction is fair, reasonable and honest. Zippy RV Services offers two types of pre-purchase/pre-sale inspections.

  • Level 1 – Safety Inspection. This type of inspection is also called an “RV Walk-through Inspection.” It will include all life safety components (fire extinguisher, CO, LP and Smoke/Fire detectors, tires, LP leak test, etc.) and all appliances (anything that operates on 110 power). This typically takes about 2 hours and does not include a written report.
  • Level 2 – Complete Inspection. This is a full inspection that examines everything on the RV. This typically takes about 6 to 7 hours and includes a written report with photos.
  • Fluid Analysis. Fluid samples are add-ons for both inspection types. Fluid testing of oil and coolants is a great way to learn what is happening inside your engine without taking it apart. Some clients choose this type of inspection as an ongoing preventative service for their motorhome or towing vehicle. Some clients are using this service to maintain their generators.

Inspection Requirements

For Zippy RV Services to ensure a quality RV inspection inspections in Harris, Montgomery, Walker, Liberty, Chambers, Galveston, Brazoria, Magnolia, Fort Bend, Wharton, Colorado, Austin, Waller counties, you must confirm access to the RV and provide full hook-up services which include the following items:

  • Running water.
  • Proper electrical service (20, 30, 50 AMP).
  • A stable, dry, and level staging area.
  • Keys to all inspection areas including doors, cargo/access doors, engine if it is a motorized vehicle.
  • Sewage hook-up. (May not be inspected if hook-up is not available.)
  • The refrigerator must be running at least 12 hours prior to inspection. Temperature readings may not be included in the report otherwise.
  • If fluid samples are ordered, please run the engine of the vehicle tested at least 30 minutes prior to the inspection to circulate the fluids and to give time for the engine to cool off before sampling.

Zippy RV Services will never ask a client to not be present at an inspection. We know they have a vested interest in the vehicle. However, the inspection is a methodical, in-depth and focused process. By minimizing disruptions, it will safeguard and enhance the quality of the inspection you are expecting us to perform for you.

Zippy RV Services will never discuss or share the results of the inspection, test results or client information with anyone except the owner of the inspection report unless we have the client’s approval. The only exception is we may disclose to the current occupant or owner of the RV detected hazards that may impact their safety and well-being. The report will be delivered to the client via electronic mail as soon as possible after the inspection.

Code Of Ethics

All NRVIA certified inspectors are bound by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice [CLICK HERE), therefore inspection findings will not be construed as being a compliance inspection of any code, governmental regulation, or manufacturer’s installation instructions or procedures. Therefore, RV inspections performed by Zippy RV Services are not an expressed, implied warranty or guarantee of adequacy, performance or useful life of any RV, any of its components or systems.

Please Note: We DO NOT perform Texas DMV / DPS Vehicle Inspections for vehicle registration requirements (Two Steps One Sticker). Also, we do not perform RV inspections in severe weather for safety reasons.

Points Of Inspection

Fluid Analysis

Fluid analysis is like a “Blood Test” for your RV! You get one when you see your doctor, why wouldn’t you want a “Blood Test” for your big RV purchase? Fluid analysis gives you an x-ray look (so-to-speak) of what is happening inside your power components. These components include the engine oil (motorhome, tow vehicle, generator), transmission, engine and/or generator coolant (if equipped) and is tested on a fee basis of the client’s choosing and is tested for results at a certified lab in the USA.