Why RV Inspections

It's An Emotional Decision!

Buying an RV is exciting! It is usually an emotionally driven decision. The thrill of the hunt for that “perfect” RV often clouds the judgment between what is needed and what you want. Most people buy their RV’s from their gut and not from their head.

What if you had a way to look beyond the curtains, color schemes, amenities, floor plans, furniture to discover the real nature of your next RV purchase? Every RV has a story to tell you. RV’s that are fresh off the assembly line to RV’s with many miles behind them want you to know them inside and out. Sadly, many buyers will not take the time to get to “know” their RV before they purchase it. Sometimes sellers will create urgency and buyers will make a hasty decision they will regret later. Excitement fades to remorse and can potentially spoil their dreams of ever owning another RV again.

An Informed Buyer Is A Happy Camper!

A complete RV inspection will keep your dreams alive and help you fall in love with your purchase. An informed buyer is a happy camper! Every RV needs a little love. The older ones may need extra care but that doesn’t mean the brand-new ones are perfect. They need some attention as well. A trained, certified RV inspector will perform a thorough inspection that typically takes 5 – 7 hours to complete. They will start on top at the roof and end with the tires and literally everything in between will be examined and tested. They will provide you with a 40 to 60-page report with photos and will gladly spend time with you to go over the report. Motorized coaches will have fluid samples taken from the engine oil, coolant, transmission, and the generator oil and coolant, and sent to a lab for analysis. Test results will be included with the inspection report.

Do Yourself A Big Favor And Have Your RV Inspected!

No matter if you are a buyer, seller, a financial institution, insurance or warranty company, the best way to safeguard your fun, enjoyment and investment is with a ZIPPY RV INSPECTION!